The First Two Months

On the first weekend of November Zweig came to our family after a two-hour car journey.

Zweig arriving~

He hid himself under a bed for the first one and a half days, only peeking out occasionally to lick some plain yogurt and canned food from spoons (probably not the best way to cope… he is my first cat…). By the end of the second day, he was happily meowing to my parents for extra food.

He could finish a 200g can a day, which I thought was the normal amount for a 3.5 kg kitten. But we soon noticed that he refused to eat Orjen, the dried food he used to have in the cattery, and he drooled a lot with noticeable ordour. So we took him to the vet on the following Sunday, a week after his arrival.

You can see clearly his drool.

And it was stomatisis he was diagonised, a common but potentially very severe disease among aged cats, rare for a kitten. Within two weeks’ time we tried antibiotic with pain reliever, which only worked to make him eat a bit more, then hormone.

It is quite silly now I look back, how panic I was. Anyway, at the end of the hormone trial week  my parents drove him to a vet in Shanghai, whom the breeder recommended strongly. We were trying to look for a possible virus cause to stomatisis, and we found one — FCV.

We still don’t know how exactly it erupted inside his body, the change of new environment perhaps. I guess the most important thing is he was already recovered when we had the visit, and has been quite healthy since then.

The only concern left now was Zweig had completely stopped consuming dried food, after he realised there are so many cans hidden in his new home, and he gets homemade meals from time to time. Well, maybe not so much of a problem but a rather welcomed change, given that he is a sterilised male cat. And it’s about the same cost, still within my budget.

I thought so until I discovered he actually eats 400 to 500g of wet food every single day.

Farewell, my purse.

Buddy, you do realise your face is as round as a shorthair’s?

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