Food 2

Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck Formula

Opened one for Zweig as soon as the package arrived! He had it once before, and it’s the only duck meal he has (happily). I tried to feed him both raw and steamed duck meat, the attempts didn’t end well. 

It’s a 156g can, smaller than Catz but more expensive. Given how Zweig was not so fond of beef and salmon formulae from the same series, it’s quite amazing that he can devour the whole can in one single meal.  I will for sure purchase it again, even simply for the sake of adding more varieties to Zweig’s diet.

Watery content resembling barf, seems to be a typical feature of American cans? Certainly quite different from the German ones.

A grain -free diet. Yes, the peas are visible. I would quite appreciate it if Nature’s Variety could label clearly the internal organ percentages.
Zweig is 4.7 kg now! Oho~


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