Food 4

K9 Feline Natural freeze dried, chicken and lamb feast

    It was suggested that a freeze dried feeding might be cheaper than cans, as this raw diet is much more filling and very healthy at the same time. So I followed the advice and got a large pack of K9, a New Zealand brand calminging to specialise in high quality pet food.

    Zweig for sure enjoys it (of course). For supper he finished 200 ml of these little cylinders mixed with equal volume of water. But I am not too certain about it being filling… Since he got so hungry soon after the meal that he devoured another 100 g of Catz can.

    Content-wise I am not too satisfied with the abscence of proper lamb muscles. True, heart can be counted as muscle, but it certainly doesn’t match the price. Thus I mostly likely won’t but it again, though I am planning to explore other brands of freeze dried food.



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