Food 5

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Turkey Dinner


About 15 yuan for 100g.

This is the only patch of Lily’s Kitchen products I got before the packing changed from 100 g to 85 g. So it is no longer in production. Always find it a shame that Zweig never tried the old 400 g cans, they are much better than these dinner packs.

The content is quite moist though with visible gum. Zweig enjoys it above the average canned food, but I only feed him Lily’s Kitchen very rarely as it contains Carrageenan.

As the formulae have changed, I had to copied the content table from the package. So it contains 60% meat content, all organic, including 25% turkey, 15% chicken, 10% beef, 10% pork, along with carrots, dandelion, nettle, spirulina, carrageenan, taurine, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s a bit unexpected as a turkey dinner contains such a variety of animal proteins.

Analytical constitutions: 82.0% moisture, 10.0% crude protein, 5.5% crude oil & fats, 2.2% crude ash, and 0.3% crude fibre.


  1. organic;
  2. grain-free;
  3. Zweig loves it.


  1. Carrageenan;
  2. a bit too much crush ash;
  3. too much non-turkey meat;
  4. percentage of internal organs not listed.


As the new Lily’s Kitchen products still contain Carrageenan but with the same price and even less meat content, I won’t purchase again.

It’s Spring Festival soon! Given the delivery will stop altogether in a few days time,  I have stocked up a bit.

Happy New Year~


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