How I choose cat cans

Now here are the standards I take into account and will enlist in my following writings:

1. High protein & low carb: proteins above 45%, fat around 30~40%, and no more than 12% of carbs.

2. Try to avoid carrageenan and montmorillonite. I understand the argument over their potential harms is not settled yet.

3. A reasonable ratio of muscle meat to internal organs like kidneys. Hope to be as close to a cat’s natural diet as possible.

4. No meat meals and grain/potato nonsense please.

5. How faithfully the can is advertised. Dislike reading Chicken & Rabbit label while the rabbit content takes up only 4%. It is legal, simply not trustworthy.

6. Price. Alas, it is way more expensive to buy good pet food in my country, for most of them are imported, or through whatever way.

Suggestions welcome 🙂

Some new things to add!

7. The ideal Calcium to Phosphorus ratio should be about 1.2 to 1. “The acceptable range for cats is from 1.17:1 to 1.4:1.” Otherwise “A diet too high or too low in this ratio will, if fed long term, lead to hyperparathyroidism or hypocalcemia.” Thanks to!

————-Rubbish Begins————-

Was putting it as an intro, but this is way longer than the actual useful bits and only works as my own self-defence for not giving the best to my cat. Thus I moved it down.

There are several ways of feeding one’s cat, the ranking of which is usually controversial. For me it is no doubt that raw meat > freeze dried food ~ homemade food > cans > dried food > human leftovers.

The primary reason why Zweig is not on a raw diet is my failure of convincing my families of its benefits and nonexistence of many supposed drawbacks. But now bird flu is back again, even I have to be cautious for the moment.

So the lower bound of my standard is reasonable quality canned food. Of course I love cooking fresh food for him, and I do for most of the time, but there are those unavoidable days when you just get utterly exhausted. And this post serves as a guide for myself (as there is no one else reading my blog apart from my loving boyfriend xxx) in choosing wet food. Hopefully I won’t grow even lazier and can learn more about cat nutrition to amend this article.


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