Food 6

Edenfood Bio Ziege (organic goat)

First day of lunar calendar new year oho!

Shared a big dinner with families last night, of course that includes Zweig~ This glass can specially reserved for this occasion 😎 and naturally he finished them all. Now time for some analysis,

Price: 5.5 euro / 80 RMB

Nutrition: crude protein 19.2%, crude fat 15.1%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 1.8%, moisture 63.5%.

Converted to dry matter is: protein 52.6%, fat 41.37%, carbohydrate 1.1%. This is extremely good, maybe fat slightly on the high side, and you might want to add a bit of water before feeding, but else is excellent.

Content: all organic, goat muscles 91.5%, goat liver 1%, parsnip 6%, yeast, ground egg shell, seaweed. No any form of gums; no grains or potatoes; little internal organs. Superb.

How Zweig finds it: Thinking about deleting this section as he eats virtually everything other than dried food.

Summary: Great product, close to homemade food. Definitely worth regular purchase if affordable, which, alas, is not the case of me. But definitely a quality can.

Our kitten is now 4.65 kg. Steady growth!


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