Food 7

Auenland Rindfleisch-Thunfisch-Häppchen ( beef and tuna)

Price: 2.59 euro/ 36 RMB

Content: beef muscle 75%, tuna 10%, carrots, rapeseed oil, ground oyster shell. 85% of pure meat is not bad at all. No gum. No grains or potatoes. It should be noted that the can does not seem to contain any internal organs, accounted for its relatively high price and certainly better than an excessive amount of offcuts, but that does mean you need to add some extra livers if your cat is having it every day.

Nutrition: crude protein 16%, crude fat 6%, crude ash 1.7%, crude fiber 0.2%, moisture 70%, and other minerals left or here.

Converted to dry matter: protein 53.3%, fat 20.0%, carbohydrate 21.0%. The abscence of organs probably answers the low fat. Now that high carb is the curious bit!

How Zweig finds it? (Fed with some chicken and egg yolks)

Summary: Good content, though I am puzzled. Won’t purchase again unless I find out where the problem is. 


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