Food 8

AniForte LandChicken chicken with pumpkin

Price: 1.99 euro for 200g

Content: 70.0% chicken hearts, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken kidney, and chicken breasts (? I am not sure if Google gave me the right translation…); 27.4%  chicken broth, and 2% pumpkin. 

Content is not bad. Hearts weighing more than meat is a bit unsatisfactory. But there is no gum or peas.

Nutrition: protein 10.6%, fat 6.1%, raw ash 2.4%, crude fiber 0.5%, moisture 80.0%, Calcium 0.22%, Phosphorus 0.15%, taurine 300mg.

Converted to dry matter is: protein 53%, fat 30.5%, carbonhydrate 4.5%. Quite good actually, especially given the pumpkins. 

A new point to consider today: Calcium to Phosphorus ratio! I learnt it from 😘 In this case it’s about 1.47, a bit higher than suggested but not much of a problem.

How does Zweig find it? Well, as usual

Conclusion: Good quality, though it might be the last AniForte can Zweig has in a long time due to its availability in China.


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