Food 9

Country Hunter Turkey and Rabbit

Price: 0.82 pounds / 15 RMB per 85 g

Content: turkey 62%, rabbit 34%, black currant 1%, cranberry 1%, spirulina 0.5%, catnip 0.01%, yucca extract, green tea extract, grape seed extract, rosemary extract.

96% pure meat is superb. Though abscence of livers makes it inadequate for everyday consumption, but there are plenty of cans with an acssesive amount of organs to balance, so I wouldn’t be worried about it. I do wonder what effects all the extracts have.

Nutrition: protein 10.6%, crude fat 6.4%, crude fiver 0.3%, crude ash 2.4%, moisture 79%. 96 kcal/ 100 g

Converted to dry matter: 50.48%, fat: 30.48%, carbohydrate 6.19%. 

Quite reasonable. It would be better if the ash and carbohydrate percentage could be smaller.

Zweig loves it, by which I mean above average cans 😂


Food 8

AniForte LandChicken chicken with pumpkin

Price: 1.99 euro for 200g

Content: 70.0% chicken hearts, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken kidney, and chicken breasts (? I am not sure if Google gave me the right translation…); 27.4%  chicken broth, and 2% pumpkin. 

Content is not bad. Hearts weighing more than meat is a bit unsatisfactory. But there is no gum or peas.

Nutrition: protein 10.6%, fat 6.1%, raw ash 2.4%, crude fiber 0.5%, moisture 80.0%, Calcium 0.22%, Phosphorus 0.15%, taurine 300mg.

Converted to dry matter is: protein 53%, fat 30.5%, carbonhydrate 4.5%. Quite good actually, especially given the pumpkins. 

A new point to consider today: Calcium to Phosphorus ratio! I learnt it from 😘 In this case it’s about 1.47, a bit higher than suggested but not much of a problem.

How does Zweig find it? Well, as usual

Conclusion: Good quality, though it might be the last AniForte can Zweig has in a long time due to its availability in China.

Food 7

Auenland Rindfleisch-Thunfisch-Häppchen ( beef and tuna)

Price: 2.59 euro/ 36 RMB

Content: beef muscle 75%, tuna 10%, carrots, rapeseed oil, ground oyster shell. 85% of pure meat is not bad at all. No gum. No grains or potatoes. It should be noted that the can does not seem to contain any internal organs, accounted for its relatively high price and certainly better than an excessive amount of offcuts, but that does mean you need to add some extra livers if your cat is having it every day.

Nutrition: crude protein 16%, crude fat 6%, crude ash 1.7%, crude fiber 0.2%, moisture 70%, and other minerals left or here.

Converted to dry matter: protein 53.3%, fat 20.0%, carbohydrate 21.0%. The abscence of organs probably answers the low fat. Now that high carb is the curious bit!

How Zweig finds it? (Fed with some chicken and egg yolks)

Summary: Good content, though I am puzzled. Won’t purchase again unless I find out where the problem is. 


Watching the 2009 Russian TV version of The Brother Karamazov, and I was stunned from the beginning! Look at him! This is how exactly I pictured Ivan Fyodorovich! Though there was no indiction as who he was, but one could tell from that face, those eyes, he couldn’t have been anyone else.

“Destroy in man his belief, his own immortality…”

Food 6

Edenfood Bio Ziege (organic goat)

First day of lunar calendar new year oho!

Shared a big dinner with families last night, of course that includes Zweig~ This glass can specially reserved for this occasion 😎 and naturally he finished them all. Now time for some analysis,

Price: 5.5 euro / 80 RMB

Nutrition: crude protein 19.2%, crude fat 15.1%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 1.8%, moisture 63.5%.

Converted to dry matter is: protein 52.6%, fat 41.37%, carbohydrate 1.1%. This is extremely good, maybe fat slightly on the high side, and you might want to add a bit of water before feeding, but else is excellent.

Content: all organic, goat muscles 91.5%, goat liver 1%, parsnip 6%, yeast, ground egg shell, seaweed. No any form of gums; no grains or potatoes; little internal organs. Superb.

How Zweig finds it: Thinking about deleting this section as he eats virtually everything other than dried food.

Summary: Great product, close to homemade food. Definitely worth regular purchase if affordable, which, alas, is not the case of me. But definitely a quality can.

Our kitten is now 4.65 kg. Steady growth!

How I choose cat cans

Now here are the standards I take into account and will enlist in my following writings:

1. High protein & low carb: proteins above 45%, fat around 30~40%, and no more than 12% of carbs.

2. Try to avoid carrageenan and montmorillonite. I understand the argument over their potential harms is not settled yet.

3. A reasonable ratio of muscle meat to internal organs like kidneys. Hope to be as close to a cat’s natural diet as possible.

4. No meat meals and grain/potato nonsense please.

5. How faithfully the can is advertised. Dislike reading Chicken & Rabbit label while the rabbit content takes up only 4%. It is legal, simply not trustworthy.

6. Price. Alas, it is way more expensive to buy good pet food in my country, for most of them are imported, or through whatever way.

Suggestions welcome 🙂

Some new things to add!

7. The ideal Calcium to Phosphorus ratio should be about 1.2 to 1. “The acceptable range for cats is from 1.17:1 to 1.4:1.” Otherwise “A diet too high or too low in this ratio will, if fed long term, lead to hyperparathyroidism or hypocalcemia.” Thanks to!

————-Rubbish Begins————-

Was putting it as an intro, but this is way longer than the actual useful bits and only works as my own self-defence for not giving the best to my cat. Thus I moved it down.

There are several ways of feeding one’s cat, the ranking of which is usually controversial. For me it is no doubt that raw meat > freeze dried food ~ homemade food > cans > dried food > human leftovers.

The primary reason why Zweig is not on a raw diet is my failure of convincing my families of its benefits and nonexistence of many supposed drawbacks. But now bird flu is back again, even I have to be cautious for the moment.

So the lower bound of my standard is reasonable quality canned food. Of course I love cooking fresh food for him, and I do for most of the time, but there are those unavoidable days when you just get utterly exhausted. And this post serves as a guide for myself (as there is no one else reading my blog apart from my loving boyfriend xxx) in choosing wet food. Hopefully I won’t grow even lazier and can learn more about cat nutrition to amend this article.